Approximately 20 minutes after drinking Jinshenkang I have experienced a gentle, warm glow within my body, starting in the groin area and down over my thighs then up to my solar plexus. This, of course brought a big grin to my face, that I couldn't hide! ... Our love making was intense, affecting parts of my body I didn't know could be. The other thing I loved was that this warm glow has lasted for two days and we could not stop grinning at each other, what a night! Thank you.

Vanda Z
Manchester, UK

The warm, throbbing sensation is what I loved the most, before we even touched each other! My fingertips tinged, my stomach was soft and receptive. Even though I'd had a long day at work, I was full of energy! And in the morning, after only a few hours sleep, I felt energised and clear headed for the day ahead.
Thank you Jinshenkang!

Dana M
Johannesburg, South Africa

Jinshenkang may have saved our marriage. I made us a cup each, we chatted while drinking it and laughed in nervous anticipation. It was more than I wished for. My orgasm tinged throughout my body, even my ears felt happy! My pleasure seemed to encourage my husband further; every part of my body was intensely sensitive to the touch. The feeling of that night has brought us closer than ever and, I believe, will last for a long time . Worth every penny!

Helga U
Hanover, Germany



I would like to share my rather interesting experience with you. Instead of taking one full sachet of Jinshenkang, I tried just half of it. I didn't feel anything immediately but the following day I had super hard-on. I guess now I know how to adjust the dosage and time it to my needs.”

Bernard Z,
New York, USA

"As an acupuncturist, herbal practitioner and lover of the Yin qualities of the female form, I must congratulate you on a much needed and workable herbal formula. I gave it a thorough test last night, and I mean thorough. Jinshenkang was much more effective than any other herbal that I have ever come across."

Dan Domana M K

"At last I have found something that I really enjoyd. Not needing to use my hands to "guide me in" is a joy in itself. I loving it !! In the past 2 weeks, I have tried more positions than I have had in my entire 16 years of marriage"

R L McClure

I like the taste of Jinshenkang. My partner prefers it with sugar, but I take it neat. Must admit, its a lot stronger than I have thought. We are like a couple of rabbits now! And were not complaining!”

Michael & John
Sydney, Australia




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