Jinshenkang is called The Sexual Tea
your sexual energy and health.

How to use it:

1. Experiment with the amount you will be taking.

2. One sachet contains 3-4 doses.

3. If you wish to just internally clean out your body and boost your energy level to reach a peak performance than use 1g per day. This concentrated extract of herbs and roots will eliminate most of the toxins from your body quickly if you follow our advice.

4. Immediate release of your body's toxins will make you visiting the restroom more frequently. Recommended is to take a quarter of the sachet in the morning tea, letting it quietly detoxify and energize your body.

5. These powerful herbs do a great job when cleansing and repairing your kidneys, liver, blood, colon and other organs!

6, When it comes to libido most users are responding much more naturally to Jinshenkang than to any other well known virility drugs like Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

7. Our tests are showing almost 100% satisfaction and this is disregarding of the age. Also weight loss is not uncommon thanks to increase in the level of metabolism!

8. Jinshenkang contains organic herbs, fruits, seeds and roots.    

Pregnant women must not try it. Keep this product away from children. People with a higher blood pressure should consult a doctor first.

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