The following are comments relating to the therapeutic effects of Jinshenkang granules in two controlled studies.

The first was a study of 520 cases involving individuals with symptoms of impotence, and the second a study of 140 cases involving individuals with symptoms of abnormal sperm. The studies were conducted by the Undislosed Research Institute in China.

Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The formula consisted mainly of ginseng, Epimedium brevicornum maxim, Cistanche deserticola, Angela sinensis, among other herbs, constituting a total of 15 of rare medicinal plants from China. The results of earlier experiments conducted on animals have shown that the Jinshenkang granules improved kidney function, which in turn increased sexual arousal. A study involving humans showed the Jinshenkang granules prolonged the period of excitement, mitigated sexual disorders, reduced fatigue in general, improved mood, and had no side effects. This was used as a treatment in 520 cases with symptoms of erectile powerlessness and 140 cases with symptoms of abnormal sperm. Satisfactory results were obtained, which are described below.

  1. Patients with symptoms of impotence: 520 cases of individuals from 26 to 51 years of age were diagnosed after being examined, with the examination showing functional impotence and normal development of genitals. The course of the disease was one to ten years in duration.
  2. Patients with symptoms of abnormal sperm: 140 cases, from 28 to 40 years old, had oligospermia or astenospermia (low survival sperm).
  3. Method of Treatment: Participants ingested a single dose (a bag of 10 grams) of Jinshenkang granules every two days. The treatment cycle was twenty (20) days. Any other treatment was discontinued during this period. Sexual relations were strictly forbidden since the penis did not present a normal erection.
  4. Criteria for establishing the therapeutic effects of Jinshenkang granules on impotence were as follows: An investigation was conducted, which continued for 4 weeks after the completion of treatment. It was felt that patients who had sexual intercourse more than twice a week were cured, that those who had it once a week had a normal performance, and that those who still did not have normal sexual intercourse, after 4 weeks, were to undergo additional treatment cycles.
  5. Criteria for establishing the therapeutic effects on symptoms of abnormal sperm were as follows:
    Patients were examined again 4 weeks after undergoing treatment cycles. It was felt that patients who showed an increase of no less than 10 million / ml density sperm or no less than 10% survival rate of that amount of sperm or an increase in sperm motility had a performance rated as efficient. Patients who showed no improvement in any of the above three parameters had inefficient performance.


A) Therapeutic effect on symptoms of impotence: Of the 520 cases with symptoms of impotence, all of whom received treatment, 298 were determined to be cured (thus representing 57.30%). 156 cases had normal performance (which represents 30%) and 66 cases, of inefficient performance (which representing 12.70%). The overall efficacy rate was 87.30%. The average duration of treatment of cases with efficient performance was 14.26 + 3.74 days.

B) Therapeutic effect on symptoms of abnormal sperm: Of the 140 cases with symptoms of abnormal sperm, 103 cases had an efficient performance (representing 73.57%) and 47 cases had an inefficient performance (representing 26.43%). In 140 cases, all showed improvement in symptoms of varying degrees.

C) Of the total 640 cases, 318 were reviewed after treatment and no anomaly in the liver functions or in the kidney were detected. Additionally no anomaly was detected in the blood and urine.




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