Jinshenkang is a highly concentrated composition of 15 rare herbs and roots made from the following ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. It has its roots dating back to the Qin Dynasty.

The Emperor Qín Cháo was the first man who requested this kind of potion to be researched and tested safe before delivery to him by his herbalists as the reason he had a number of young concubines in his palace to service him.

The Jinshenkang has ever since been with the Chinese Emperors and has been improved vastly over the centuries.

Modern China has now opened to the West and this unique product is availlable to world consumers.

The balancing act of herbs creates the Yin and Yang energies. Jinshenkang is very well known for producing long lasting energy boosting, enhancing virility in men and Sexuality in women.

Jinshenkang is more effective and safer than prescription drugs and delivers quick results!

Iit is a unique combination of beneficial herbs using Jinshenkang is the best choice when looking for increased vitality and sexual stamina and endurance.

Jinshenkang provides the very best in long - term benefits of a herbal health product used on a daily basis, it will also provide an effective boost to your well being.

If you have erection problems.
If you have any problems achieving and maintaining an erection Jinshenkang can definitely help you. Taking it on a regular basis of 2 grams (1/5 of the sachet) every night as a tea over 3 weeks period you will experience a huge improvement in your energy level, physical endurance, mental alertness and general well being.




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